Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Hightlights, My year in pictures

God's faithfulness, obvious in my life this year.
Christmas at my house

Christmas crafts at Sunday school

A big box of sweets
Total blessings!!
Hans turned 7, we had a party at the grove where they were supposed to be thrashing, but it didn't quit turn out that way. So we played "What I like about..." so and so, were each kid has to say what he likes about the others, and came home for the cake.

I did not get permission to blog this, but it is just too dazzling and fun not to show, they were awesome. We sang some Tyrolean songs and presented some similarities from there that we still practice or are slowly changing.

Tried some pots this year and...well...I still need some practice. That's the pond.

Our most colorful plant so far.

I took my boys fishing quit a bit this year down by the run-off creek.

Ok, I've always been a little boy crazy, so I guess I'll just stay that way.

Little treasures all over.

Rain or shine...he loves the out doors.
Look what Sharon made for our anniversary. Beautiful!! I wonder how she knows I love cereal deserts.
The round one is me!

June is romance month...Fathers day, his birthday, I have fun coming up with something new every year to commemorate.

You'll never guess what those guys did with the shishkas, HAD A SWORD FIGHT! Just too many fruits to resist getting creative with the night lunch.
The brown eyes in our family are still dominating
The water fun lives on!
You gotta have what daddy has, hay! you even look like him.
A gift from Hans to brighten and heal us. Healing plant got a surprise from Hans one day, we wanted to find out if the water we through off has fertiliser in it. It doesn't, or it has too much, because the poor plant withered.
Hope he will be a fisher of man some day.
School out trip.

Got decorated at Fairholm Sports day.

Sorry, not a highlight!! Just saying goodbye was great!
Finishing touches on grandma's Christmas gift, the tool shed, made with love by Rod and me.

Cake on the theme of the boy and party

Birthday party for Judas

Meeting my wonderful sister- in law

Skiing with my beloved

carved soap with my boys

Mom came for a week and we made mitts for her grandchildren.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our pond in early spring, just after adding all the plants. I love the attractions it is to birds, especially the yellow ones who come daily to drink and bathe. We built a special low water level area where they can easily get to the water.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

70 things about 6 year old Hans Bear Kleinsasser

  1. Hans has a good imagination

  2. His motivation comes from inside of him verses outside forces, like conscience, creativity, and imagination.

  3. Hans has chocolate brown eyes.

  4. Hans is a little on the moody side sometimes.

  5. Hans is big for his age.

  6. Hans still tells fibs.

  7. Hans broke 3 track and field records at the Fairholme sports day this year.

  8. Hans is never boared.

  9. Hans loves to draw.

  10. He can loose himself in exploring God's wonderful world.

  11. Hans is creative.

  12. Hans is a cuddelbug.

  13. He loves to fish.

  14. Hans is artistic.

  15. He is the baby of the family and loves it.

  16. Hans is affectionate.

  17. Hans has beautiful teeth.

  18. Hans has his second and third toes grown together just like his mom and grandma.

  19. Hans gets growing pains.

  20. He looks more like his mom then his dad.

  21. Hans and his brother get along very well.

  22. Hans is physically strong.

  23. Hans has quite a few friends.

  24. He doesn't like to be corrected, but you can suggest things to him.

  25. Hans is handsome.

  26. Hans' favorite animal is a lion.

  27. Hans can be dramatic.

  28. He can spend time on his own.

  29. Hans is growing up too fast.

  30. Hans is smart.

  31. Hans has brown skin.

  32. His favorite colors are yellow and blue.

  33. Hans snitches stuff from the pantry all the time.

  34. Hans is full of mischief.

  35. Hans has brown hair.

  36. Hans is very athletic.

  37. Hans has big strong hands.

  38. He gets shy in a hurry.

  39. Hans is working on his lisp with a teacher and is doing excellent.

  40. Hans has two sir names, Baer and Kleinsasser.

  41. Hans was in the newspaper.

  42. Hans has a good friend named Luke.

  43. Hans' best friend is his brother Judas.

  44. Hans is 60 pounds.

  45. Hans loves animals.

  46. Hans constantly has the house littered with papers full of his drawings.

  47. Hans loves little insects and all kinds of squishy, slimy creatures.

  48. Hans loves dress-up, acting, and playing pretend.

  49. Hans is 50 1/2 inches tall.

  50. Hans is getting pretty close to being able to swim and loves the water.

  51. Hans has a great papa who loves to play ball with him.

  52. Hans loves to go fishing.

  53. Hans enjoys to learn things on his own.

  54. Hans is learning to read.

  55. Hans loves junk food.

  56. Hans likes being the center of attention.

  57. Hans is named after the forefathers of his Hutterite History, like Hans Krahl, and Hans Myer, just to name a few.

  58. Hans is named Baer to commemorate his Mennonite Heritage.

  59. Hans has 2 grandmas and grandpas alive and well, and a great grandmother and a great grandfather still living to date.

  60. Hans hasn't learned to clean up after himself.

  61. Hans tends to the negative.

  62. Hans' face lights up when he smiles.

  63. Hans loves fruits.

  64. Hans needs a lot of affirmation.

  65. Hans knows that he is being trained for a purpose just as King David was as a boy.

  66. Hans has been trapping mice and rats this summer.

  67. Hans will stand up for himself.

  68. Hans is quick tempered.

  69. Hans is learning to through out bad words like "hate."

  70. Hans knows what a conscience is and can respond to it fairly well.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

I make a point to read the story of Jesus on the cross in the picture bible for my boys every Easter, and this year it was mainly for Hans because Judas is getting quite fermilure with it. So just to keep it interesting, I did some flash backs into the old testament to illiterate how much it shadowed the events of the cross. I was quite surprised by how many times I had to flip back

  • Abraham took his son up a hill to be sacrificed, supposedly the very same hill God sacrificed Jesus.

  • The children of Israel smeared their doorposts with blood so the angel of death would pass them by, today our hearts are marked by the blood of the Lamb and the evil one does not touch us.

  • The children of Israel were delivered from bondage to Pharaoh as we are delivered from the power of Satan.

  • King David prophesied that they would cast lots for Jesus' robe.

  • The golden snake erected on the cross in the wilderness by Moses for all who needed healing was also a picture of Christ bearing our sin so we can be well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Year 2010 Highlights

I have to say that blogging this makes me so greatfull that it's hard not to weep for joy. We put up a new fence at the Grove and planted the gardens of 2010 and didn't take a picture of them. HA HA
Getting that wight stuff before Christmas and helping out with customs at the concert.

Cuddling with the kiddie.

Lost both of our Rabbits this year.

Hans' Birthday where we played Fox and Goose and nobody destroyed our tracks with a lawn mower this time, so it turned out great. We also had Jared and Mary's boys here for a long weekend and Branden (Lakeside)spent a lot of his summer here with our boys too.

Harvesting Ester's for charity.

Canning with Sharon, now that's one year I could do over again.

We had our little nefew over for a week while his mom was cooking, it was a pleasure, brother Dan's son.

Collecting butterflies and being inspired by them all over again every year.

Doing "Little Arrowes" with a sweet group of young girls at Carry's hulba, and joining Becks and Lowesa at their hulba. Also getting to witness Debra and James' wedding!!

Judas turned 8 and we unsuccessfully played fox and goose.
My brother, his wife, and girls came down from Alberta.
Melissa came in the spring and took some of the most beautiful kiddie pics you can find.
Boys swimming in Daddy's home made pool.
Spending some time at the Mendel sister's house, mega fun!!
Biking to Elm Creek with my friend Dora for an ice cream.


Reconnecting with my friend Carmen, was awesome!

Cakes forever!!
Watching someone you love fade away.

Watching a man and his dog bond.

New baby at Melinda's house, being in the Essenschool for her and having mom over.
Rodney had surgery on his shoulder and recovered nicely.
Judas winning 1st in his age group at the poetry fest in Backer.

  • Having art classes at school with the wonderful K to 2 group.

  • Creating my first sculpture in the ice, and watching the kids and Daddy making one too
  • Having Debra over for a week, and loving it.

  • Having Dora over and having a fire at -30 at Butterfly Grove. Did you know that was possible?

    • Having Melissa over for a few weeks, and having a girls party with friends.

    • Being surprised by a wonderful new dog named Lyla.