Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Hightlights, My year in pictures

God's faithfulness, obvious in my life this year.
Christmas at my house

Christmas crafts at Sunday school

A big box of sweets
Total blessings!!
Hans turned 7, we had a party at the grove where they were supposed to be thrashing, but it didn't quit turn out that way. So we played "What I like about..." so and so, were each kid has to say what he likes about the others, and came home for the cake.

I did not get permission to blog this, but it is just too dazzling and fun not to show, they were awesome. We sang some Tyrolean songs and presented some similarities from there that we still practice or are slowly changing.

Tried some pots this year and...well...I still need some practice. That's the pond.

Our most colorful plant so far.

I took my boys fishing quit a bit this year down by the run-off creek.

Ok, I've always been a little boy crazy, so I guess I'll just stay that way.

Little treasures all over.

Rain or shine...he loves the out doors.
Look what Sharon made for our anniversary. Beautiful!! I wonder how she knows I love cereal deserts.
The round one is me!

June is romance month...Fathers day, his birthday, I have fun coming up with something new every year to commemorate.

You'll never guess what those guys did with the shishkas, HAD A SWORD FIGHT! Just too many fruits to resist getting creative with the night lunch.
The brown eyes in our family are still dominating
The water fun lives on!
You gotta have what daddy has, hay! you even look like him.
A gift from Hans to brighten and heal us. Healing plant got a surprise from Hans one day, we wanted to find out if the water we through off has fertiliser in it. It doesn't, or it has too much, because the poor plant withered.
Hope he will be a fisher of man some day.
School out trip.

Got decorated at Fairholm Sports day.

Sorry, not a highlight!! Just saying goodbye was great!
Finishing touches on grandma's Christmas gift, the tool shed, made with love by Rod and me.

Cake on the theme of the boy and party

Birthday party for Judas

Meeting my wonderful sister- in law

Skiing with my beloved

carved soap with my boys

Mom came for a week and we made mitts for her grandchildren.


Linda said...

Enjoyed your year in review photos! Did somebody ever tell you, you need to post more often.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! These are suppost to stand for a thousend words, times 30! Nel

Lydia Wollman said...

Love your pics, thanks for sharing, had to laugh at the "sword fight with the skewers" typical male!